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FIRST PLACE WINNERS at 2013 Naya Andaz


Our  Mission:

To provide Excellence in Technique based dance training to our diverse students from ages 5 to adulthood with a disciplined and structured approach in teaching both classical Kalakshetra Bharatanatyam  and Western dance technique that includes Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop. This cross cultural dance training provides our students with the necessary  fundamental dance skills to be well rounded strong dancers and also prepares them for our cross cultural Fusion and Bollywood choreography.

Our Dance Style:

The creative dance style of Nritya Creations artistically blends various styles of Indian Dance such as Bharatanatyam, Oddissi, Manipuri and Kathak with Western Dance forms such as jazz, ballet, lyrical and hip-hop and other cultural dance forms to create a unique and wonderfully pleasing experience of sight and sound. This style of dance is innovative and contemporary yet has the inherent grammar of Classical Indian dance. Graceful body movements, formations and poses are blended with vibrant steps and modern dance movements.

Ballet Bollywood Hip Hop

Bharatanatyam Fusion of Indian and Western Western Jazz


Why Join Nritya Creations ?

Nritya Creations has imparted the passion of learning, performing and excelling in dance to youngsters since 1994 when the school was first founded by Meena Basu Nag. Ever since then, Nritya Creations students have demonstrated a track record of continued success by winning numerous trophies and awards at major dance competitions and getting invited to prestigious cultural events, fundraisers and shows. With a faculty of highly qualified, caring and ethnically diverse dance teaching experts, we are positioned uniquely and very strongly to continue our legacy of building very strong well rounded dancers who become life long advocates of this art-form.

Our graduating students have gone on to become leaders in their collegiate dance teams, choreographers, assistant teachers, or have chosen to minor in dance at the college level. The secret of our success is that we take pride, time and care to teach the proper grammar and fundamentals of dance technique (the A, B, C’s of Dance) to all our students which is the foundation upon which their future laurels will grow. Our students find it very easy to apply their strong dance foundation to the popular BOLLYWOOD and Fusion styles as demonstrated by their extraordinary success in BOLLYWOOD shows and competitions. Our curriculum provided students with levels of certification in both Indian Classical Dance and Western Dance allowing them to achieve excellence in today’s multi-cultural diverse artistic environment.