• Bharatanatyam (Levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced) 
  • Kathak (Levels: Beginners and Intermediate)
  • Ballet/Jazz (Levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced)*
  • Bollywood Fusion for Kids
  • Teen Bollywood Fusion
  • Semi-Classical/Indian Folk Bollywood
  • Bollywood for Adults 
  • Pre-School Dance Bollywood or “Mommy and Me” Pre-School Bollywood ages 3-5 (before Kindergarten)
  • Urban Hip Hop (Boys and Girls, Teens, Adults)
  • Adult Zumba with a Bollywood Twist – Dance Fitness Classes for Adults

Monthly Tuition: ( Our Academic Year Runs from September to end of June: 10 months)


  • $85 per month for 1 style – average of 4 classes in one month (Choose 1 Style from Bharatanatyam; Kathak; Ballet/Jazz; Urban Hip Hop; Kids Bollywood; Teen Bollywood, or Semi-Classical Bollywood)
  • $145 per month for 2 styles – 8 classes in one month (Choose 2 separate Styles)
  • $185 per month for 3 styles – 12 classes in one month (Choose 3 separate Styles)
  • $65 per month for Adult Bollywood (No further discounts on Adult Bollywood Classes)
  • $75 per month for Pre-School Bollywood (ages 4 and 5) or “Mommy and Me” Pre-School Bollywood(ages 3-5) ( No further discounts on Pre-School Classes)
  • $48 per month for Adult Zumba with Bollywood Twist
  • $10 discount per sibling for Technique Classes (Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Ballet/Jazz, Hip Hop, Kids Bollywood, Teen Bollywood, Semi-Classical Bollywood)